The Priorat wines

The best Priorat wines can be a little expensive to buy. However, you can find great wines with prices ranging between 10 and 20 euros.

These are the best Priorat wines if we want to aspire to try them one day:

  • Pla dels Àngels rosé wine
  • Mas d’en Compte white wine
  • Formiga de Vellut red wine
  • Red wine Les Terrasses
  • Red wine Cims de Porrera

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But why are Priorat wines more expensive than other wines like Penedes or Montsant? Well, this is due to the terroir, that is, the variations in the climate and the composition of the soil.

El Priorat is a region of rocky mountains and steep slopes in southern Catalonia. The climatic conditions are quite abrupt, with strong waves of heat during the summer and intense cold in winter. The rains are scarce and when it rains it usually does it in a torrential way and to make it more complicated, the floor of the Priorat is made up of slate

These hostile conditions for the vines mean that the plants can’t produce as many grapes and they have less production. At the same time, the grapes have a bigger concentration of taste with better acidity, lower pH, and less prone to oxidation.

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The best Priorat wines

Pla dels Àngels Rosé Wine

Let’s start with a rosé wine coming from the Scala Dei winery in the heart of Priorat. The rosé Pla dels Àngels is considered to be the best rosé wine in Spain and the eighth-best rosé wine in the world, according to The Global Rose Master contest of The Drink Business magazine in 2015.

This pale pink color wine has a fresh and delicate flavor and very silky floral aromas, ideal to pair with salads, appetizers or desserts. 

The wine comes from the famous winery of Scala Dei, one of the oldest wineries in the Priorat region and it is made with only Garnacha grapes. During the process, the must is left with the skin for only three hours and this is what gives this pale color and the smooth taste to the wine.

For sure a great way to start this wine tasting with a perfect rosé. The bottle is priced around € 18.  

Mas D’en Compte White Wine

We continue with a white wine D.O.Q. Priorat, made with 50% white Grenache 25% Xarel·lo and 25% Picapoll. This white wine from Cal Pla winery has obtained 92 Robert Parker points on several occasions, a very considerable score for white wine. It is also the best wine available in the UK according to the Wave Wine Spanish Awards competition held in London in 2008.

The bicentennial winery Cal Pla has been producing high-quality wine for 7 generations and they have specialized in the production of white wines in a region where red wines predominate. 

From its rocky lands comes this golden-yellow wine with a citrus aroma and an intense flavor. The aging in oak barrels has transferred that complexity so typical in Priorat wines and gives it a flavor that is reminiscent of wood and lasts in the mouth. It is perfect to accompany seafood and fish with intense flavors such as sea bream and sea bass. The price of the bottle is € 15.

Formiga de Vellut red wine

Formiga de Vellut red wine is undoubtedly one of the best red wines from Priorat in terms of quality and price. The wine is made with 60% Grenache grape, 20% Carignan and 20% Syrah. The wine recently rose to fame when it was selected by the Nobel awards gala to accompany the dinner of the most influential people at the moment. 

Formiga de Vellut

This wine of extraordinary flavor and more than reasonable price has an intense aroma of red and black fruits, with balsamic and spicy notes. The flavor is described as a powerful flavor with a velvety finish. 

Surely you have already made your mouth water and it is normal, this wine can be used to accompany a wide range of foods, from bluefish and white meat to more intense flavors such as red and game meats. The current price is around € 16.

Les terrasses red wine

It is time now to jump to the next level mentioning a red wine from one of the most popular wineries in the Priorat. The winery is Álvaro Palacio and the wine is “les Terrasses”, the only wine from Catalonia to get into the 100 best wines in the world the year 2013, according to the prestigious United States magazine Wine Spectator.

Álvaro Palacios has been revolutionizing the world of wine in Priorat for decades and is considered one of the winemakers who make up the new Priorat. That wave of enthusiastic young people who saw the opportunity to stay in Priorat during the 1980s. 

With this wine, the Álvaro Palacios winery wants to stand out from high-end wines such as “Finca Dofí” and “l’Ermita”, offering wine at an affordable price without substantially lowering its quality. 

It is an expressive and balanced red wine with the most typical Priorat flavor of red fruit in liquor and tobacco. A delight for the senses that leaves an unusual stamp to those who taste it. All a gift to be made from time to time at a price of around € 35.

Red wine Cims de Porrera, Clàssic.

The red wine “Cims de Porrera” might be one of the most important wines from the Priorat and this is due to the historic importance that the winery “Cims de Porrera” had in the region.

During the 1980s viticulture in the Priorat was struggling to sell the grapes at a market price and the farmers were thinking to change to other crops such as kiwis and peaches.  Hopefully, the family Pérez Ovejero and the famous Catalan songwriter Lluis Llach created the winery Cims de Porrera to buy the grapes from the old vineyards of Porrera at higher prices. Saving this way the viticulture in the historic town of Porrera.

Carignan and Grenache grapes born from 70-year-old vineyards planted on slopes that reach a 60% drop. Each strain produces between 300 and 500 grams, very low production and a higher concentration of flavor.

100% Priorat, the wine has chocolate touches with a long and persistent passage in the mouth. A whole odyssey of flavors that is worth trying at least once in a lifetime. Its price is € 45 approx.

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