A rugged landscape that will transport you to another reality, to a world full of intense flavors

Scala Dei

The Essentials of Priorat in 2.5h
27 per person
  • Winery Tour
  • Charterhouse Tickets

Priorat best flavours

A journey full of surprising flavours
39,9 per person
  • 2 wineries
  • Recomendations
  • Charterhouse Tickets
  • Guide on request

Romantic getaway

So that you fall in love with Priorat
119 per person
  • Wine Tasting
  • Romantic Dinner
  • Double Room
  • Transfer on request
wine tasting in gratallops

Winery experiences

A selection of the best experiences in Priorat wineries

Things to do and see in Priorat

True, the Priorat region has an excellent range of wines, but what else can we do? The Priorat is an excellent place for nature lovers and for all culture lovers, as there are numerous convents and amazing landscapes. Here we tell you what you have to visit when planning your trip.

visit perinet winery

Visit PERINET winery in the Priorat

The Perinet Winery Perinet stands opposite the Serra de Montsant Natural Park, a central element of the identity of the prestigious DOQ Priorat region, a renowned old wine-growing area with heroic viticulture dating from the 12th century. El Priorat is

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4 Priorat wineries to visit

The 4 best wineries to visit in the Priorat region are cellers Scala Dei, Devinssi, ETIM (Falset cooperative) and Perinet winery.
Each of these wineries contributes its soul to the landscape and has contributed in some way to the winemaking history and present of Priorat.

5 Priorat wines

5 Priorat wines

There are very good D.O.Q Priorat wines for less than € 20, a very good price if we consider the international recognition that these wines have reaped. A list of 5 great Priorat wines that shine for their great quality and price.

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