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The Priorat is a fantastic region for wine tourism. With beautiful slopes of terraced vineyards and one of the most recognized designations of origin in Spain: the doq Priorat. Due to this tourist attraction, we find many restaurants where you can eat very well.

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What to do in Priorat?

With more than 100 wineries spread throughout the territory and two wine appellations (Priorat and Montsant), the Priorat region has a wide range of activities to do during the day.

The most important are the winery tours. With wine tasting and other activities such as 4×4 rides or pairings in Michelin-star restaurants. A wide selection that you can see more in our winery tours page.

But in addition to the visits to the wineries, Priorat has a very interesting cultural offer. Like charming villages such as Porrera, Gratallops, or Siurana, and the jewel beautiful Carthusian monastery of Scala Dei. A 12th-century monastery that is still standing and has a history closely linked to the region. Here you can read more about the Charterhouse of Scala Dei.

Book a table and visit Clos Figueras winery

priorat wine tasting in clos figueras

The Clos Figueras winery welcomes you to its restaurant together with the winery tour. An experience that you will be able to enjoy from €45. It includes a winery tour and a pairing of 3 dishes (dessert included) and 3 wines.

> Reserve a table and winery tour here.

Local products from Priorat

Before commenting on which are the best restaurants in Priorat, we are going to mention the three most precious products in the region.

The Priorat wine

Talking about the Priorat is inevitably talking about its wines. Because in a tiny region of only 10,000 inhabitants, coexist 2 denominations of origin with a great impact on Catalonia.

This is the doq Priorat, the only one to have the q label of quality in Catalonia, and the do Montsant, a younger designation of origin that offers fresh wines with the mineral essence of Priorat.

5 Priorat wines
5 great wines from Priorat

The olive oil

El Priorat not only stands out for its wines but also makes exquisites virgin olive oils. The most widely planted olive variety is Arbequina, a small olive with a high concentration of oil.

Its production occurs in Priorat because the tree and its fruit resist cold very well and the oil obtained has a smooth and balanced flavor. What makes it ideal for all kinds of dressings: vinaigrettes, all i oli …

Gratavinum olive oil

The marcona almond

The marcona almond it is one of the best almonds in the world for having a high content of essential oils and a smooth texture. Something that makes it very juicy and valued for confectionery.

That is why in Priorat we find all kinds of shops that sell this delicious almond in all its formats: caramelised, dipped in chocolate, salted…

Marcona almond from Priorat
Buy caramelised almonds

The best restaurants in Priorat

Restaurant Brichs, Falset

A great restaurant located next to the Falset oil and wine cooperative. With spectacular views of the modernist building and the town. Its menu, of Mediterranean inspiration, places special emphasis on the Catalan cuisine from Priorat, predominantly meat and rice dishes.

They take great care of the presentation on the plate, with prices that adjust very well to the quality of their product: € 25 during the week and € 50 on weekends (Friday included). We highlight here the menu pairing € 75. One of the best ways to savor the Priorat!

The restaurant has a very nice Terrace
Potato foam with low temperature egg, mushrooms and double chin veil

Restaurant Hostal Sports, Falset

Restaurant located in the center of Falset, in an old house with a rustic and well-preserved appearance. It serves as both a hotel and a restaurant, and has a warm decoration that inspires rest and calm. That is why we include it in our romantic getaway to Priorat.

Their menu is traditional Catalan food. With well prepared and generous dishes. Perfect for eaters and lovers of traditional food. The price is € 25 per person, either during the week or at the weekend. A place where you will feel at home;)

Oxtail in red wine
100% homemade crema catalana

Restaurant Les Figueres, Gratallops

The restaurant is part of the winery Clos Figueres, one of the most recognized wineries of the Priorat. Its history dates back to the beginning of the 80s, when the Priorat was still unknown to most. Now being a benchmark in Catalonia and including Clos Figueres as one of its main wineries.

So we expect very good wines and a menu with a very good value for price. It includes first dish, second dish, desserts, bread and wine, for only € 28. In a very cozy place in the center of Gratallops. Where to enjoy traditional food, with a touch of innovation, and fresh local products. Some even are coming from their own vegetable garden!

As an extra, we recommend the pairing menu. A menu that includes 5 different wines paired with local food and the winery tour. This menu costs only € 39.60, and it is a very good option to enjoy food and wine in Priorat.

A very nice terrace in the village of Gratallops.
Catalan cuisine to the priorat
Seafood fideuá, one of the typical Catalan dishes.

Restaurant Amics , Gratallops

This is probably one of the restaurants with better views in Priorat. We see it on the outskirts of Gratallops, above the Buil y Giné winery, on top of a hill with a 360 degree view over the Priorat. This is breathtaking!

In addition, their food is faboulous, with a innovative menu, that is able to surprise the most exquisite palates. Rooted to the Catalan traditional cuisine and always using fresh products from the market. A menu that costs from € 35 and comes together with the best views in Priorat.

The views from the Amics restaurant are unbeatable
amics restaurant by gratallops
Tasty and beautifully presented dishes

Restaurant Brots , Poboleda

And here we get to the epicenter of the blog, as we have one of the restaurants with the most personality in Priorat. A restaurant recommended by the Michellin guide, for its innovative menu.

Signature cuisine that investigates new culinary proposals, such as this leek salad with smoked sea bass and oysters, and that makes good use of fresh local food.

Leek salad with smoked sea bass and oysters
Signature cuisine in the middle of Priorat

The menu costs € 27, wine not included. An incredible value for money if we keep in mind the quality of the restaurant. That is capable of making us travel across the 4 continents in just one hour and return us to Priorat, where this dream started.

It is important to note that the restaurant has a limited capacity of 22 people, so it fills up easily and one must ask for a table in advance. Contact information here

Restaurant Íntim, Cornudella del Montsant

If you are one of those who like good food in a casual environment, you will love this place. Íntim is a boutique restaurant where to taste and buy, the wines and olives oil produced by the Cingles Blaus winery. A Montsant winery with excellent wines and virgin olive oil.

The type of cuisine is own-cuisine, with its roots in the Priorat. Being a priority to use local foods that favor the economy of the region. A place to enjoy food and scenery at a price between € 20 and € 30.

Sautéed mushrooms with truffled egg and foie
Presentation of the wines in the Intim restaurant

Restaurant Quatre Molins, Cornudella del Montsant

We end this post with the best restaurant in Priorat, the best because it is the only one to have a Michelin star. And that is something very hard to earn, providing the best food in a creative and inventive way.

Its chef, Rafel Muria, is 100% involved so that his dishes have the best presentation and the best flavor of the region. An effort that is noted inside and outside the Priorat, with many who have already echoed the news in the press.

Something that Rafel Muria himself wears completely naturally, as he shows in this post: “ Quatre Molins obtains the Michelin Star

Tasting menu 49.90 euros and show menu 64.90. More information about menus here.

Bluefin tuna is one of the chef’s favorite products
Dishes presented as if works of art

More things to do in Priorat

Because we know that you not only go to Priorat for the food, we present you this blog where you will find what to do in Priorat.

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