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Visit the Priorat wineries

El Priorat is a small region in the south of Catalonia with many wineries to visit. Many of these wineries, make wine in a traditional way, and have a great respect for the territory that surrounds them. This is the case of the 4 wineries that we present in this blog.

A post where you will discover:

  • 4 wineries with their own history, surrounded by unique landscapes.
  • 4 ways to spend the day in Priorat, savoring the best of the region.
  • The peculiarities of Priorat, with interesting ideas to enjoy in the surroundings.

A region with 2 designations of origin

With only 10,000 inhabitants, Priorat has 2 very important designations of origin: DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat. Each one, with different characteristics.

DOQ Priorat is the region in the center of the region, with highly complex wines. Mainly red Garnacha and Cariñena. The vineyards grow in adverse conditions. On steep terraces, on rocky soils and at the mercy of extreme atmospheric changes. This makes the Priorat a difficult region in the cultivation of the vine. Which is very good for the quality of the grape. That is why the Priorat enjoys the DOQ quality label.

The DO Montsant is distributed around the DOQ Priorat. Where we find clayey and less rocky soils. This makes the Montsant wines have a more fruity palate, very well integrated with the mineral component. It should be noted that, being a region with better access and clay soils (they absorb moisture very well), Montsant wines enjoy a very good value for money.

In short, both denominations enjoy exceptional quality and that is precisely what we want to demonstrate with a visit to the following wineries.

Scala Dei winery
escaladei tasting room

4 wineries in Priorat and Montsant

History and spirituality in Scala Dei

The Scala Dei winery is an emblematic place in Priorat. Just 1 kilometer from the Scala Dei Charterhouse, it is a mandatory stop if we visit the Priorat.

It is a winery with a long history, located at the foot of the Montsant. A place of great spirituality, where we find the Carthusian monastery that has shared history with the winery for more than 5 centuries. We could say that it is the cradle of wine in Priorat. A place where complex wines are made, with fresh notes and mineral flavors.

On the visit to the winery, you will stroll among its 15th century rooms and taste excellent wines, which are close to perfection. More about the visit to the winery by clicking here

scala dei winery
cata de vinos escaladei

Modernism and sindicalism in the Falset-Marçà Cooperative

The Falset Marçà Winery is recognized as the Priorat Wine Cathedral . A surprising modernist building designed by Gaudí’s disciple, César Martinell, in the heart of Priorat. Symbol of a unique architectural movement.

The winery is located in the capital of Priorat and is the only place in the region where can be reached by train. The train stop is Marça-Falset, two hours from the city of Barcelona.

With this 1-hour tour, you will learn about the sindicalist movement that took place in the region. With the desire to recover a territory devastated by the phylloxera of the late nineteenth century.

A tour that takes place between Gaudinian arches and ends with a wine and olive oil tasting from the cooperative. More information about visits to the cooperative here.

visit falset winery
wineries in the priorat

Landscape and nature in Gratallops

If you like to enjoy nature in its purest form, then the Devinssi winery in Gratallops will enchant you. All his visits are made in the open air, in a place where peace reigns at the foot of vineyards, among centuries-old vines.

In addition, the vineyards of the winery enjoy privileged views over the town of Gratallops, the Montsant and the sunsets. Being a highly recommended place for lovers, which you can meet with this romantic getaway to Priorat.

Here you can do a sunset wine tasting, a wine pairing at the foot of the vineyards or simply stroll through the vineyards to enjoy the views.

sunset in gratallops
cata de vinos al atardecer

Avant-garde architecture in La Morera del Montsant

We end this blog with an avant-garde winery in La Morera del Montsant. A cellar which is revolutionizing the viticulture of Priorat.Through the construction of high-density vineyards in a region where access to machinery is difficult due to its rugged terrain.

They have a very interesting offer of wine tourism experiences: boogie walks through the vineyards, visit of the aging room with barrel tasting, breakfast in the cellar with views of the vineyards … All activities that you can do throughout the year and that you can see in more detail in this post dedicated to the Perinet winery.

visita premium priorat
wine tasting in montsant

More wineries to visit in Priorat and Catalonia

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I hope you liked the article and that you come back here soon. Salut!

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