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The Penedes is the wine region with the most history in Catalonia. And it is thanks to this long tradition that we find more than 170 wineries, many of them family owned and ecological.

Wineries with their own history, and keen to welcome you in to their home. Offering excellent wine tasting experiences to all kind of visitors. Tasting this way the fruit of centuries of learning. Passed down from generation to generation. These are the wineries that you can visit.

The Penedes wineries

tours y experiencias
The Penedes has a very interesting offer of experiences.

The best of this 5 family and ecological wineries list is that they all have a captivating offer of wine tastings experiences.

Here you will find pairings with vine views, walks through the vineyards, wine tasting in historic cellars, outdoor meals…

5 fun ideas to spend the day in Penedés; in 5 authentic wineries, with passionate people; in 5 wonderful environments, where you can enjoy the best landscapes of the Penedes.

The best family and organic wineries in Penedes

1. Pares Baltà

The Pares Baltà winery is located halfway between Vilafranca del Penedés and the beautiful Castle of Sant Martí Sarroca.

Pares Baltà is a biodynamic cellar, meaning they do not use any type of chemicas to fertilize and protect from plagues. Taking also into account the lunar phases when farming.

The fields, for example, are fertilized with sheep manure and pests are controlled with the use of manure and wild plants.

ecological winery penedes
Biodynamic wines and cavas.

And not only this, but they also believe strongly in sustainable tourism. Offering a great variety of original experiences to do in the Penedes.

Here you can pair wine and cheese, or wine and chocolate; and go out for a Jeep tour around the vines. Visiting the hottest spots in Foix natural park, a wonderful place to be.

Learn more about the 4×4 ride.

2. Eudald Massana Noya

The Eudald Massana winery is another biodynamic cellar . It has 9 generations of history and has been making wines for more than two centuries.

The winery is an authentic Catalan house, also called a farmhouse. It has beautiful views of the vineyards, with a very nice terrace. Where to taste the wines and sparkling wines of the winery.

Terrace with Penedes views
A very pleasant terrace where you can taste exquisite wines.

A dirt road also passes there, ideal for cycling. So if you are a fan of bike rides, I recommend the electric bike tour with tasting at the Eudald Massana winery.

A two-hour ride through the bike center Bikemotions , which passes through the best of Penedés and includes a wine and cava tasting in this biodynamic cellar.

3. Giró del Gorner

Another highly recommended winery is the Giró del Gorner. A small family winery of the DO Cava, with a long tradition in the production of wines and sparkling wines.

As early as the 16th century, they offered wine to the caravans that traveled from Barcelona to Vilafranca. A tradition that continues to this day and now it is wine enthusiasts who enjoy its hospitality.

Penedes family winery
An original winery with very good cava.

The garden and the house still have the original charm. Here you can sit under the shade of a tree and taste the wines aging of this winery.

As an activity, I especially recommend the picnic overlooking the vineyards. An original way to spend the day with family and friends. With natural products from the region: cheeses, Spanish omelette, homemade sausage, tomato bread …

All washed down with the best wines from the winery. Authentic aging wines, presented by the oenologist Marta Giró.

4. Cava Guilera

We are finishing this post with the smallest winery on the list. Specialized in aging cavas and long aging, which has a production of 30,000 bottles per year.

To give you an idea, in the Penedés there are no more than 5 wineries specialized in aging cavas. With a maturation over 2 years old, some of its sparkling wines reaching up to 14 years of aging.

Winery specialized in long aging cavas.

Thus being the best place to enjoy a cava pairing. Accompanied, of course, with a delicious cheese, from the house Xerigots ; and a very well made chocolate, from the chocolatiers Simon Coll .

In addition, pairings are enjoyed in the winery’s garden. It has a beautiful pergola and very nice views of the mountain of Montserrat . In short, a perfect picture of the Penedés: cavas, nature and Montserrat in the background.

Another advantage is that Cava Guilera is next to a train station. Specifically, the Lavern train station, where the R4 that connects Barcelona with Sant Vicenç de Calders passes.

Pairing in the family winery Cava guilera
Here I am tasting at Cava Guilera;)

5. Albet i Noya

We finish this post, with the first organic winery of the Penedés. A winery that has been cultivating and maturing its wines with ecological methods since 1978. A pioneering project at that time and which is now a trend. With many ecological and biodynamic wineries in the Penedés.

But this winery goes even further. And it has two ambitious projects in its hands: the project for the recovery of ancestral varieties and the VRIAACC project. The latter aimed at generating autochthonous varieties resistant to climate change . Learn more about the project here .

Experimental wines from Penedés.

But the most valuable thing for the visitor, is undoubtedly the garden overlooking the vineyards. Which rests in the shade of lush trees, and which has wonderful views of the surrounding vineyards and mountains.

In addition, it is easily reached by bicycle if you take the train station from Lavern-Subirats as a starting point. Place where the aforementioned bicycle center is located: Bikemotions.

A good idea here is to do the bike ride with ecobrunch in the Albet i Noya winery . This is an easier walk than the previous one, with few kilometers and little unevenness. Ideal for families who want to spend a day together in Penedés.

More wine tourism ideas

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