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The most beautiful villages of Penedés

The Alt Penedés region is one of the most important wine regions in Penedés. With many towns to visit and do wine tourism.

The most beautiful villages of the Alt Penedés chosen by Wino Tours, are those places with a special charm and that have some activity nearby for the wine tourist.

So, tracing a wine route that starts from Barcelona and takes us to Penedés, we find the towns of Alt Penedés in this order:

  1. Sant Sadurni d’Anoia
  2. Avinyonet del Penedes
  3. Sant Marti Sarroca
  4. Torrelles de Foix
  5. Other places of interest

In this blog I also give ideas of wineries to visit and getaways to do near Barcelona. And if what you want is to find a wine tasting getaway, you can go directly to the following links:

The castle of Sant Marí de Sarroca, photo by Maria Rosa Ferré

For obvious reasons I have not included the CITY OF VILAFRANCA DEL PENEDÉS (because it is a city and not a town). This is the capital of Alt Penedés and it has many things to visit.

That is why I am going to dedicate an exclusive post to it later.

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Well, now that we have made a first introduction, we are going to see the different areas of Alt Penedés, in order to better plan our wine route, do you think?

The region of Alt Penedès

The region of Penedés on the map of Catalonia, image from

The region of Alt Penedés is located to the South West of Barcelona. The closest town on the list is Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, 47 km away. And the furthest town is Torrelles de Foix, 74 km away.

You have to know that the Alt Penedés is divided into different geographical areas and each one gives a different aroma to its wines. These geographical areas can be divided as follows.

The Garraf Massís and the Ordal Mountains

Archaeological complex of Olérdola

On the south-east side, the region is delimited by the Garraf massís and the Ordal mountains. A set of mountains that are part of the Coastal Range of Catalonia.

From there there are incredible views towards the interior of the country, with Montserrat displaying its majesty in the background and on the other side, the Mediterranean Sea which brings us the mild climate of the region.

In this area are the castles of Subirats and Olérdola, responsible for controlling the territory during the first crusades between the Saracens and the Christians.

Alts d’Ancosa and Costers de l’Anoia

The Madiona river as it passes through Sant Quintí de Mediona, image from

On the other side we have the Cordillera del Prelitoral. The set of mountains that delimits Alt Penedés to the northwest. This is a colder area, being further from the Mediterranean Sea, and more humid.

Two rivers pass through this area, the Foix and the Mediona. Leaving numerous places where one can cool off in the hot summer months.

Sant Quintín de Mediona is located in this part of Alt Penedés, from where the Camí del Riu starts, described below.

Nougat from Vilafranca and Costers from Lavernó

Turrons de lavernó near Torrelles de Foix, photo by Maria Rosa Ferre

It represents the central area of the region, in it we find important towns such as Sant Sadurní d’Anoia and Vilafranca del Penedés.

This is where there is the highest concentration of vineyards in the region and wineries as important as Codorniu and Torres. In this post we will give you a wine tourism recommendation for each town you decide to go to 😉

The village of Sadurní d’Anoia, image of Maria Rosa Ferré

And in its upper area, heading towards the pre-coastal mountain range, we find the two pretty towns of Torrelles de Foix and San Martín Sarroca.

If you want to know more about the geographical areas of Penedés I share this link here for more information.

Towns of Alt Penedés to visit

Now yes, it’s time to talk town by town and see what attractions it offers for lovers of wine and nature.

We start with the capital of Cava, Sant Sadurní D’Anoia.

The town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia

The Codorniu winery in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, image from Trip Advisor

It is a good place to start the tourist route in Penedés, as it is considered the Capital of Cava and it is home to the most important wineries recognized throughout the world.

In the town is the Codorniu winery, which you can see as soon as you arrive if you go by train. In the cellar you can take a tour to learn about the process with which cava is made and end up tasting its sparkling wines.

One of the most recommended attractions in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia is to go to the Cava interpretation centre. A site where the history of sparkling wine in the region is reviewed.

Other activities that you can do nearby, is a horseback ride with cava pairing or a picnic among vineyards.

Avinyonet del Penedés and the monastery of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs.

The Romanesque monastery of Sant Sebastiá dels Gorgs.

This town straddling Garraf and Vilafranca has many attractions to visit and nearby wineries where you can do a wine and cava tasting.

The most recommended tourist attraction is the monastery of “Sant Sebastiá dels Gorgs”. A Romanesque-style Benedictine monastery that was built in the 10th century AD.

Inside there is a small cloister that spreads peace and tranquility. This can be visited on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 11 in the morning paying €2.

vineyards aviñonet del penedes
Vineyards to visit near the monastery, photo by Eudald Massana Noya

For wine lovers, near Avinyonet there are two highly recommended wineries that you can visit. The Eudald Massana Noya winery, with biodynamic cultivation, and the Albet y Noya winery, with organic cultivation.

The castle of Sant Martí Sarroca

The castle of Sant Martí Sarroca

This is probably the most charming place in Penedés. It is a castle on top of a cliff from where there are spectacular views of the region.

The castle is also an important Catalan Gothic monument that can be visited from Thursday to Sunday for a price of €3.

In the area there is also a late Romanesque monastery that completes the monumental complex of Sant Martí Sarroca.

Romanesque monastery of Sant Martí Sarroca, image of Maria Rosa Ferré

As an option for wine tourism on the way to Sant Martí Sarroca is one of the most recommended wineries for visits to the Penedés, Pares Baltà. A biodynamically grown winery with a very interesting range of winery experiences.

Torrelles del Foix and its pools

gorgs penedes
The pools of Torrelles de Foix, image of Pares Baltà

This is the closest municipality to the upper part of Penedés. Various tributaries of the River Foix flow here, which gives the town its name.

Different paths that go into the mountains start here and offer an alternative rural getaway for nature lovers.

The best known place in this municipality is the “Font de les Dous”. A set of pools linked by waterfalls that give a special beauty to the place.

Gorg de les Dous, image from Wikimedia

To get to the place, you must pass the town of Torrelles towards Pontons and take a detour to Tierra that indicates the name of the source, “Dous”.

It should be noted that bathing in them is prohibited due to the increasing influx of people. That is why we ask our readers not to swim and to avoid rush hours on weekends.

Other places of interest in Alt Penedés

Alt Penedés is a very large region with many attractions that we have not included in this list of 4 places to make it easier to read.

But if you prefer to explore each area in a leisurely way, we are going to add 3 more places so that you can enjoy yourself in Penedés.

The archaeological site of Olérdola

The monastery of Olérdola, image of Montse Ros

If we are in the southern part of Penedés, in the Garraf area, you have places to visit the Castle of Olérdola. An archaeological complex that goes from 3 thousand years ago to medieval times.

The entrance to the enclosure costs €5 and there you will see ruins of 3 distinguished historical moments: the Iberians, the Romans, who left a water tank carved in stone, and the Medieval Age.

It is worth highlighting the views of the place, from where there is a 360º view of the surroundings. You can see the sea on one side and Montserrat on the other.

Subirat’s castle

Subirat’s castle

Following the line of the previous point, the castle of Subirats stands on the Ordal mountains and offers impressive views of the interior of the region.

The castle is part of what was considered in medieval times as the Penedés line. A border line between the Christian kingdoms to the north and the Muslim kingdom to the south.

The castle suffered significant deterioration when it was demolished by the Castilian troops in the Catalan war “dels Segadors”.

There are beautiful views from there. A place that you can visit with the ebike ride through the Penedés.

Sant Quintin de Mediona

The path from the Riu to Sant Quintí de Mediona, image from

Finishing the mentions of the Post we have the town of Sant Quintín de Mediona. A small enclave at the gates of the “Alts d’Ancosa”.

As in Torrelles de Foix, here there are also rivers and pools to visit and numerous trails to do.

We highlight here the “camí del Riu”, a path that follows the Mediona River as it passes towards the Anoia before reaching the Llobregat.


Thank you very much for reading our post. We hope you liked it and if you think there is a town missing from the Alt Penedés region, we encourage you to leave your comment at the end of the post. Thank you very much and see you soon 🙂

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