horseback ride in the Penedés and lunch in family cellar

Find a fun way to spend the day with family and friends. Going out for a horse ride through the vineyards of the Penedes. where you can find a good winery nearby and adapt your tour.

All of it near Barcelona, easily accessible by train and car. With many activities to do after the ride. Like a winery tour, a wine tasting or have lunch. Making the most of your day in the Penedes region.

> Choose a horseback ride with cava pairing from €69

Choosing a good horse riding center in Barcelona

In the region of Barcelona there are many places offering horseback riding. Many of them are close to the city and its surroundings are crowded. With many passersby and urban areas. This of course, takes away the charm of a horse ride in nature.

And aswell, ther are horse riding center that aim to sell as many rides they can. Without letting the animals rest quietly. This, of course, is an abuse for the poor horses. So we must be careful when choosing a good equestrian. And don’t do it just because the price is cheap.

Where to ride a horse?

In the region of Alt Penedes, 60 km away from Barcelona city center, we find an ideal place. A small horse riding center in the middle of vineyards, located in the village of Lavern-Subirats. A quiet place near a train station and wineries, to go and have a pairing after the walk.

The equestrian is a 10-minute walk from the Lavern-Subirats train station and its horses are well cared for. Mar, the girl who is in charge of the equastrian, has been riding horses since she was a little girl. Thus, she will teach you how to ride and explain the essentials before the route.

Stroll through the Penedes vineyards

The walk offered by the riding center Excelsior from Lavern-Subirats, runs comfortably through the Penedes vineyards. An idyllic place for horseback riding, with views of the Montserrat mountains and the beautiful Penedes region. It is a linear route that lasts approximately one hour. And that goes only in vineyards until you reach a view spot where you can take beautiful pictures.

And if you have already done several horseback rides, then I recommend you try the 2-hour route. A circular tour that goeas through the natural park of Penedés. With many places to enjoy the views.

The price of a good horse ride

As has already been commented, it is important not to focus only on the price. Well, the care that the horses receive depends on it. In the equestrian Excelsior we have very well cared animals for € 40 if we choose the 1-hour ride and € 70 for the 2-hour ride.

Pony rides for the little ones

pony rides for kids near barcelona

In the equestrian they also have ponies for the little ones. If you come with children under 7 years old, you will have the opportunity to walk on foot with the little one who will be riding a pony. This way you can enjoy a pony ride without putting his or her safety at risk.

If you are interested in this service, write here for more information.

Horseback riding and winery tour

If you want to make the most of the day, it is recommended to do a wine tour after the ride. As el Penedes is a region, with many wineries where you can make all kinds of wine tasting experiences.

1. Cava pairing in a family winery.

Penedes cava tasting

Right next to the stable, you will find a family winery called Cava Guilera. Specialized in aging cavas, offers wine tasting from €25. Together with a nice pairing of cheese and chocolate.

More information about the wine tour here.

2. Picnic among vineyards with natural products.

penedes picnic

Another wine tasting experience we can choose with the horseback ride is a picnic with vine views. Perfect to go with your family. Eating seasonal and local products: Spanish omelette, Catalan sausages, “pa amb tomaquet”… accompanied with the best wine from the winery.

> Click here to know more.

3. Ecobrunch in an organic winery.

brunch meal at biodynamic winery in Penedes

For those who love organic food and wine, this activity offers a winery tour, wine tasting, and ecobrunch.

> More about the ecobrunch here.

More activities of your interest

If you want to know more activities of your interest, you have at your disposal a list of experiences nearby here.

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