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The Perinet Winery

Perinet stands opposite the Serra de Montsant Natural Park, a central element of the identity of the prestigious DOQ Priorat region, a renowned old wine-growing area with heroic viticulture dating from the 12th century.

El Priorat is a place to discover leisurely while enjoying the views, the Mediterranean breeze, world-class wines, and the famous gastronomy of Catalonia.

Perinet is an impressive winery located in the heart of Priorat, between Poboleda, Porrera, La Morera and Siurana. Its elegant architecture, the Gaudí-inspired barrel room and its welcoming hospitality represent a completely modern experience, but one that in turn pays homage to centuries of tradition.

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The Perinet wineries in Priorat

Get to know the terroir of Priorat

El Priorat is known for its unique terroir, llicorella in the local dialect. The name is derived from the Celtic word likka, which means stone. The soil is relatively acidic with very little organic matter. These flat stones, easily breakable, with an intense copper color, are where the roots of the vines penetrate in search of life, and it is these soils that give Priorat wines their greatest virtues.

Perinet’s three vineyards – Mas d’en Xes, Mas Vell and Pendents, encompass three broad visions of historic Priorat and combine to shape a new balance of styles in winemaking. The microclimates of each vineyard give rise to their own styles of wine: warm and mature in Mas Vell, fresh and long in Mas d’en Xes, and Mediterranean and spicy influence in Pendents. This authentic approach to winemaking enables Perinet to produce wines that are always faithful to the climate and slate soil of Priorat with a wide stylistic palette to achieve remarkable quality and consistency.

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Why visit the Perinet winery

Perinet invites you on a journey of discovery that appeals to all the senses. A trip in which you will experience the pleasure of our artisanal wines and discover the mysteries of the great Priorat wines, the fruit of an ancient tradition and heroic viticulture.

You will get to know the llicorella, the typical terroir of Priorat, you will learn about history, customs and traditions. You will feel the magic of the region in the center of a majestic landscape. Perinet gives you the opportunity to participate in a journey of discovery, cultural enrichment and enjoyment, always inspired by the excellence of our wines.

For more information visit the Perinet website:

Wine tasting & Tours

Perinet is a collaborating winery with Wino Tours, that means that we accept to sell our tours through their website.

Here we present the best-selling and best-rated wine tours:

1. Tour Clásico de Bodega & Cata de vino

With its own character, the visit and tasting at the Perinet winery has been recognized as an unavoidable destination in the north of Priorat. A calm and attractive travel experience. Stroll through our vibrant vineyards and enjoy the views of the Serra de Montsant and the excellence of the Priorat wines.

In the Classic Visit, in addition to being able to walk through our closest vineyard and a tour of the winery, it also includes a tasting of 3 wines.

  • Visit to the vineyard
  • Visit to the winery
  • Tasting of 3 Perinet wines

2. Desayuno entre Viñedos

In this excellent breakfast, you will enjoy a gastronomic experience accompanied by wine in Perinet. The visit will begin with a glass of wine along with a breakfast of typical local products, which includes the traditional “pa amb tomàquet” with delicious extra virgin olive oil, nuts, sausages, cheeses, and sweets. After breakfast, a sommelier will offer you a Classic Tour.

  • Breakfast
  • Vineyards Tour
  • Visit to the winery
  • Tasting of 3 Perinet wines

3. Cata de barricas

Delve into our Mas del Xes vineyard, visit the winery and complete the experience with a barrel tasting in our spectacular aging room. This experience will offer you access to single varietal wines and unique vineyards from Perinet, a more personalized and unique tasting modality.

Ideal for the wine lover or for those who want to enjoy the best Perinet wines.

Each of these reservations is selected to create a personalized, unique experience and includes our concierge service.

  • Visit to the vineyard
  • Visit to the winery
  • Barrel tasting
  • Tasting of 3 wines and 1 Premium limited edition
  • Local appetizers including cold cuts and cheese

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