activities for groups near Barcelona in the penedes region

The Penedes has everything you need if you want to organize a group activity. Whether you are thinking of going with your colleagues or with your friends, this region located 40 kilometers away from Barcelona has everything to enjoy a day out with a group. From the typical visits to wineries, to the most original activities such as riding a mehari or an electric bicycle. All are very close to Barcelona, easily accessible by car or train, and in a natural environment. Ideal to disconnect from the city with friends and colleagues.

So if you are thinking of organizing something fun for your next team building activity, or want to spend a magical day with friends, come and get to know the Penedes with one of these activities for groups.

  1. Lunch for groups in wineries near Barcelona.
  2. Vintage car tour through the Penedes landscapes.
  3. Ride an e-bike with your friends to a winery.
  4. Horseback riding for groups and cava tasting.

Lunch for groups in wineries near Barcelona

  • Price: €45
  • Included: winery tour + wine tasting + lunch

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to get meet your group of friends or colleagues is to sit down and share an amazing meal. Here you will find a selection of meals for groups in wineries near Barcelona. All have vine views, a relaxing atmosphere near nature and of course the best wine. You can also include a winery tour and learn about the process of wine and cava making. It is an original way to start the day and surely will allow your group to find lots of interesting topics to learn from.

There are 2 wineries that offer the winery tour together with the lunch and are not far from Barcelona. Let’s start with Giró del Gorner, a small winery more than 5 centuries old that has a varied production of wines and sparkling wines. It is near Sant Sadurní d’Anoia and includes a visit to the winery with a delicious lunch outdoors. The second one is Albet i Noya, a medium-sized winery that makes organic wine. It was the first one to do it in Penedes! And today you can visit and have lunch in their beautiful garden. Both are only 45 minutes by car from Barcelona, or one hour if you want to go by train and then rent a bike.

Vintage car tour through the Penedes landscapes.

  • Price: from €80
  • Includes: vintage car ride + sparkling wine tasting

If you are looking for something original to make with your group this experience is perfect for you. It consists of driving a vintage car, a Mehari, through the vineyards of the Llopart winery. A one-hour tour that explores the 140 hectares of this well-known winery estate. Llopart, is one of the most prestigious wineries in the Penedes. This 6 centuries old farmhouse has beautiful views over the wine region and the mountains of Montserrat Montserrat. In addition, the Mehari ride ends with a tasting of 3 sparkling wines in the winery. On a nice terrace where to enjoy the best views of the Penedes.

Ride an e-bike with your friends to a winery.

  • Price: from €65
  • Included: electric bike ride + wine tasting + lunch in a winery

Another very pleasant way to spend the day with a group of people is to rent some bicycles and make a tour through the Penedes vineyards. I recommend renting the bicycles at Bikemotions. They are very professional and have a large fleet of bicycles. They are also next to the Laver Subirats train station. Making it very convenient for public transportation. I recommend riding an electric bicycle, as it makes the ride more comfortable since it usually goes over some hills.

There are several routes, one of my favorites is the route that passes through the wineries Eudald Massana Noya and Albet i Noya. It is a short tour of one hour and a half that discovers a beautiful side of the Penedes, with wine tasting and lunch in a winery. Just one last information, do make the reservation well in advance if you would like to include the lunch in Albert i Noya especially on weekends. It is a well-known winery with a high demand. Another option is to leave it in our hands. We are a wine tourism agency that gets the best prices for our clients and takes care of all the details of the reservation.

ebike penedes with wine tasting
Easy and safe paths

Horseback riding for groups and cava tasting

  • Price: €60
  • Includes: horseback ride + tasting of 3 cavas

For those who like nature and animals, I recommend this activity of horseback riding with a tasting of cavas and cheeses. The ride will take place in one of the most beautiful places near Barcelona, the Ordal mountains. Where we find the Excelsior riding school, just a 10-minute walk from the Lavern-Subirats train station. I have chosen this equestrian center because the horses there are very well cared for by Mar, the person in charge. The tour is also very enjoyable. going through the vineyards of Ordal and offering magnificent views over the Montserrat mountains. An idyllic place to enjoy the Penedes at any time of the year.

Once the ride is finished, the experience continues with a cava tasting in a small winery nearby, located just 15 minutes walk from the equestrian center. Cava Guilera winery will welcome you for a tasting of 3 sparkling wines paired with cheese and chocolate. A family winery that has 3 generations of experience and has been dedicated exclusively to the production of long-aged cavas. Obtaining cavas of a high level, a delight for the most exquisite palates. This is also a perfect activity to attain by train. Just a few steps from the Lavern train station, connecting Barcelona with direct trains. This activity can also be made with a meal in a winery.

Other activities for groups near Barcelona

I have been working as a guide in Barcelona for 6 years now. I have had the opportunity to work with a dozen companies in the service sector. An experience that has given me great knowledge about the activities done today for groups in Barcelona. I could organize the event that you like. Just click on the WhatsApp button or write an email to and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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