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The Priorat is the perfect place for you, to enjoy a gastronomic getaway. As it has a great offer of restaurants, natural landscpaes and well known wineries. It’s a place to disconnect, and to enjoy the most traditional flavors, together with a new gastronomy, focused in perfecting the culinaire experience.

A getaway that includes:

  1. A small bed and breakfast in the quite village of Gratallops.
  2. 3 wine tasting experiences in 3 great wineries.
  3. 3 gastronomic option in 3 restaurants that are recommended by the Michelin Guide.
  4. Some useful ideas to take advantage of your day. Including places to visit, to eat and to discover.

All brought to you in a 3-day getaway, helping to organize your next wine trip.

First day of the gastronomic getaway

Viñas del Priorat

Visit the Clos Figueras winery

Your first stop will be in the beautiful little village of Gratallops. A hilltop old town that has incredible views over the Priorat and its vineyards. This is where you will find the excelent winery of Clos Figueras.

A cellar that startedthanks to the winemaker René Barbier and the businessman Cristofer Cannan. Who both, in the 90s, rescued a centennial vineland and started to produce their first ever Priorat wine: Clos Figueras. A wine that today is recognized worldwide, and stands out for its elegance, complexity and finesse.

During your visit, you will be able to taste it, together with the other 3 wines from the cellar collection: La font de la Figuera white and red, and Serras del Priorat. Each one with its characteristic notes from Priorat.

Clos figueres priorat winery
clos figueras winery

Eating at Les Figueras restaurant

As a recommendation, to complete the wine tasting experience, take a sit on the beautiful restaurant of Clos Figueras. A place where light enters in abundance. Either indoors or in the pretty pergola overlooking the vineyards.

And get yourself the wine pairing menu. A gastronomic meal that includes three starters: selection of patés, cold cuts and seasonal salad; a main dish, desserts and the 4 wines from the Clos Figueras collection.

The perfect way to indulge yourself in Gratallops. After, you can take a beautiful walk around the towns vineyards, or take a nap in the same bed and breakfast where you had lunch.

restaurant clos figueras gratallops

Spend a night or 2 in the cellar

This small 3-bedroom bed and breakfast is the ideal place to spend your gastronomic getaway in the Priorat. With spacious bedrooms, vine views and private bathroom.

It is important to know that the reservation must be made well in advance, since there is a lot of demand. And this is included with the visit to the winery and breakfast in the restaurant.

bed and breakfast gratallops
winery clos figueras gratallops

Dine in the Priorat

Gratallops is a small town, with just over 200 inhabitants, which has 2 very good restaurants: Clos Figueras and Amics de Buil & Giné. Both have quality gastronomic cuisine, but they are not always open in the evening. That is why we also recommend going to the town of Falset, just 10 minutes away, where there is a very varied offer of restaurants. From the most gastronomic to the most traditional. Here you will find more information about restaurants in Priorat.

Catalan cuisine in falset
Traditional cuisine in Falset – Hotel Sports
amics restaurant by gratallops
Signature cuisine at Gratallops – Amics

Second day of the gastronomic getaway

Barrel tasting at the Perinet winery

We started the second day of our gastronomic getaway, with a delicious breakfast in the restaurant of the bed and breakfast Clos Figueras. A complete breakfast, with the best products of the region: eggs to taste, selection of cheeses, bread with tomato, artisan coca, fresh fruit, fresh orange juice …

Once breakfast is finished, we are going to do a barrel tasting at the Perinet winery. A complete experience, which includes a buggy ride to the vineyards , a visit to the winery and the barrel room (a unique place, inspired by Gaudí), a wine tasting from the barrels, and a cheese and wine pairing. with views of the Priorat vineyards. An entire experience that you can book here.

visita bodega perinet
visita priorat

Restaurant in Poboleda

After the experience at the Perinet winery, we can go to eat at one of the most interesting restaurants in Priorat. The Brots de Poboleda restaurant . A small restaurant with an inspiring menu, with a Mediterranean influence and innovative flavors.

Here we can eat from the traditional Friesian beef tenderloin, to a leek salad with smoked sea bass and oysters, as shown below.

signature cuisine in priorat

The town of Siurana

The town of Siurana is a beautiful medieval enclave, with incredible views. Former border fortress, in the Moors and Christians war, is today a sanctuary for climbers and instagrammers . The former seek the best places to climb, and the latter, the Priorat ” fotaza “. The admiration for Siurana is so great that on weekends we can even find car queues to get to the town.

The monastery of Siurana
Picture of Daniel dalmau

Dining at Falset

One of the best known restaurants in Falset, is the Brichs restaurant. With a varied menu of original dishes and traditional flavors.

Other restaurants to eat in Falset are the Sports hostel, the Lotus hotel and the Kabbhala restaurant. All of them mentioned in the blog ” What to do in Priorat ” (section “where to eat”).

falset restaurant
Gourmet cuisine restaurant Brichs
brichs de falset restaurant

Third day of the gastronomic getaway

Visit of the winery and the Charterhouse in Escaladei

If we go to Priorat, it is essential to visit the Charterhouse and the Scala Dei winery. Both places are only 1 km apart, and their history is closely intertwined with the Priorat.

La Cartuja, the oldest in Spain, was founded in the 12th century, and gives its name and origin to Priorat. Inside, we find a beautiful cloister and a reconstructed cell. That allows the visitor to imagine what life was like in a Carthusian monastery.

Then there is the winery, which is the old Cartuja country house. From that time, the barrel room is preserved, from the 15th century. Which can be visited, along with the rest of the winery, with the winery tour. More information here.

charterhouse of escaladei
The Charterhouse, Image of Perinet
scala dei winery
15th century winery in Scala Dei

Gastronomic getaway budget

The budget for the getaway will vary depending on the places we choose to eat and where we reserve the night. But if we are lucky enough to make all the stops on the blog, then the budget will be € 650 for 2 people.

A budget that will allow us …

  • Book 2 nights at Clos Figueras bnb, with breakfast and visit included.
  • Taste the pairing menu in the winery’s restaurant.
  • Dine at the Sports de Falset restaurant.
  • Book the barrel tasting at the Perinet winery.
  • Taste the menu of the day at the Brots restaurant.
  • Dinner at the Brichs restaurant.
  • And visit the winery and the Charterhouse of Scala Dei.

See more about this Gastronomic Getaway in Priorat here.

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