Wine pairing with vine views

Enjoy a pairing in the heart of the Prioat, surrounded by the best views. An ideal experience for wine lovers.



The wine tasting tour with pairing at this winery in Gratallops (el Priorat) is an excellent option as a tour in the Priorat.

  • An introduction to the winery and the wines of Priorat.
  • A walk outside from where you can appreciate very well the views of this part of Priorat elevated on mountains.
  • A visit to the winery with an explanation of the elaboration and aging of the wines using only artisanal methods.
  • Tasting of 3 wines from old vineyards located in the licorella hills of Priorat.
  • Pairing of local products such as olive oil or Priorat almonds, along with other 0 kilometer products such as ham, cheese …

Tasting of 3 wines *

  1. WHITE WINE made from white Grenache.
  2. RED WINE based on Cariñena, Red Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  3. RED WINE of limited production made with Garnacha grape.

Accompaniment of the tasting with a pairing of local products: fuet, country ham, cheese, Arbequina olives, pa amb tomàquet and extra virgin olive oil, nuts.

* The description of the wine tasting is indicative and may change according to the wines available in the winery and the tastes of the clients.

The activity has a price of € 30

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and sunscreen and a cap or hat from April to October.

Reservations are managed through WhatsApp or mail (contact information in the footer).

Yvonne Liedtke
Yvonne LiedtkeGoogle review
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(Translated by Google) A perfect day with a picnic, delicious food, excellent wine, and a magnificent view of the vineyards and mountains. A perfect day with a picnic, delicious food, excellent wine, and a magnificent view of the vineyards and mountains. A really successful day!
VictoriaGoogle Review
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It has been very good, very punctual, very good attention from the beginning, both with the person I contacted at the beginning and who made all the contacts, itineraries, assembly, reservations, that is, I did not have to worry about anything, as in all the places we have been and visited. To tune in, and so much so ..., very well attended and the price of everything very well too. I feel grateful.🙏🍷
Rosa Sanz
Rosa SanzWeb site Review
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Very happy with the personalized treatment of Wino Tours, I like that it is a small company that cares about its customers. We really liked the description of the tour before we went. It's a good way to get where we're going.

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