Picnic among the Penedés vineyards

Connect with nature while enjoying a picnic outside. With natural and local products: cheeses, potato omelette, sausages … and accompanied by the wine of your choice. There is one bottle for every two people!




This activity, organized by the Giró del Gorner winery, is a romantic and familiar way to enjoy the 30 hectares of vineyards in the middle of the DO Cava.

The winery offers everything you need to be able to eat local products in contact with nature. Of course, both the basket and the wine glasses are returnable!

Let’s see what this experience includes …

  • Returnable wicker basket.
  • 3 types of cheeses
  • Salchichón, blood sausage and Iberian ham.
  • Omelette,
  • Peasant bread and tomato.
  • 1 bottle of wine or cava to choose for every 2 people.
  • Wine glasses.
  • Disposable paper plates.
  • Napkins.

The products in the basket are more than enough to keep you satisfied. Even for the most eaters.

On the farm there are also 2 picnic tables, a grass esplanade and  30 hectares of vineyards to go with the basket.

  • The visit to the winery.
  • A blanket to sit on the floor.

The winery Giró del Gorner It is located in an old Catalan farmhouse, at the crossroads of two roads from where the stables between Barcelona and Vilafranca used to pass. So it has always been a meeting place where you can rest and regain strength to continue your journey.

Today it is still the same family, who have worked the vineyard for generations, who now welcome us into their home and make us taste the fruit of their work. A winery dedicated above all to the production of sparkling wines, which has known very well to enhance that freshness so characteristic of Penedés.

The price of the outdoor picnic at the Giró del Gorner winery is:

  • € 31 adults
  • € 15 children

Reservations can be made with WhatsApp (click on the green WhatsApp icon) or email to info@wino.tours

Yvonne Liedtke
Yvonne LiedtkeGoogle review
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(Translated by Google) A perfect day with a picnic, delicious food, excellent wine, and a magnificent view of the vineyards and mountains. A perfect day with a picnic, delicious food, excellent wine, and a magnificent view of the vineyards and mountains. A really successful day!
VictoriaGoogle Review
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It has been very good, very punctual, very good attention from the beginning, both with the person I contacted at the beginning and who made all the contacts, itineraries, assembly, reservations, that is, I did not have to worry about anything, as in all the places we have been and visited. To tune in, and so much so ..., very well attended and the price of everything very well too. I feel grateful.🙏🍷
Rosa Sanz
Rosa SanzWeb site Review
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Very happy with the personalized treatment of Wino Tours, I like that it is a small company that cares about its customers. We really liked the description of the tour before we went. It's a good way to get where we're going.

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